CrystalUsagi (crystalusagi) wrote in ginnylu,


Thursday, the Garden

Luna's garden was as colorful as her personality.  There were all sorts of wildflowers -- bluebonnets, poppies, baby's breath, snapdragons and the occasional daisy.  The garden was a living rainbow that stretched all around her, and she loved to sit on the grass among the green clovers and just breathe in the fragrance of all those flowers. 

"Do you like the roses?" Luna asked, popping up from amongst the rose bushes, her eyes alight and the sun making her hair glow a bright, mellow yellow. 

Ginny smiled, noting the way the yellow roses matched the color of those golden stresses flowing freely around her friend's face in the afternoon breeze.  "You were right," she commented as she stood up and walked to where Luna was standing.  She touched a yellow rosebud which seemed to be opening before her eyes.  "The yellow ones are nice."  Luna laughed in delight, and a strand of hair fell into her eyes.  Ginny reached out to tuck it behind her friend's ear before she thought to stop herself, and Luna beamed at her.  She felt a warm hand grab hers, and Luna was pulling at her.

"Come on.  I'll show you where Daddy saw the humdinger!" 

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